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How exciting will it be, after the wedding, to browse your photo album together?

fotografo matrimonio lucca pristoia prato firenze siena

How exciting will it be, after the wedding, to browse your photo album together? ANFM knows it. It was born and exists for this: to ensure results which match your expectations. The photographers who are members of it are conscious of having, with each occasion, a great responsibility: to create unique memories that you can enjoy over time, managing to make you relive the best of the day when a new family was born: that of your marriage. That’s the reason why the photographer members of ANFM are carefully selected: to be part of this association, one must meet the necessary requirements and undergo regular screenings to ensure the tranquility that you deserve, so that the day of your wedding remains simply the unforgettable day that you dream to live without the worries fueled by an improvised photographer who is not used to managing or following as important a ceremony as yours. You will soon see the difference between our photographers and the other ones from the first approach: each ANFM professional specializes in wedding photography and will prove it to you by showing his works, or those of his officially accredited collaborators, so as to avoid embarrassing situations such as the arrival, on your special day , of a photographer that you do not know, and with whom you have not established the necessary feeling. All this is to ensure that whatever you choose, you will also get. He will show you a price list with no surprises, including all the items that make up a complete photographic service, such as any additional photos, the album, the reprints, because your budget, small or big, is your budget and it is right that the investment for your memories be clear from the very first moment. In this way you will discover that getting married was even more beautiful. Choose tranquility, choose an ANFM photographer. You will agree with this. Text taken from “How to choose a photographer”

Andrea is an ANFM Member since 2008

ISPWP: International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers

ISPWP Member: The Best Wedding Photographers in the World



Since 2015 I have been a member of the most prestigious association of wedding photographers in the world. There are many associations, but most of these have little or no criteria for membership, they often include photographers with little experience, not known, who have simply paid the applicable fee. ISPWP is not like that. Among the various associations in the world, ISPWP is the best known in terms of quality. It guarantees that photographers who become its members meet the very strict requirements to be part of it; they must demonstrate talent, professionalism and experience, besides accepting the self-regulatory code. The customer who chooses an ISPWP photographer knows he has hired one of the best photographers in the world.

Andrea Tarlati, fotografo di matrimonio a Lucca , Pistoia , Firenze è membro attivo ISPWP