Are you looking for a wedding photographer?

I’ve decided to write a guide to help you find YOUR wedding photographer, that could be me…or not!

Yes! I accept the risk of not having you as a customer beacuse if you want YOUR wedding photographer, I also want MY customers and my couples to be photographed.

Because of this, before you write to me to get an idea of costs, which can be different and customizable, I prefer you to read my FREE guide and then, if you think we’re on the same wave-lenght we will get in touch via Skype, Whatsapp, email at andrea (at) lefotodiriccardo(dot)it.

I’m sure you’re thinking that I’m bragging, and that I’m making everything more difficult.

It’s not. I’m just trying to make you find the perfect photographer for you and not make you regret your decisions that you take in a rush.

I will wait for you after the reading!