Wedding Photographer

You need a competent wedding photographer if…



If you are looking for a photographer for you wedding that has a fresh, spontaneous and natural style…

If you hate posing for photos and you would just have fun on your wedding day but, at the same time, you would like to have a reminder of every smile and emotion you felt.

If you believe that a memory is worth and that its value increases over time; if you think that paying to preserve memories is an investment for the future.


It’s not an easy task to choose the right photographer for your wedding day. There’s a large selection of wedding Photographers in Tuscany, each one with its personal style which is evident in the photographs of your wedding.

What could I do for you in your wedding day? Why would you choose me?

If you’ve seen my pictures and you liked my style you should know that:

I am a fan, I love photographing weddings, the day in which a new family spring up, in which everybody is having fun at a party, that’s a memorable day. That day, for me, is the time to get to know more of you and your families while I’m trying to catch all the best moments & smiles and tears of joy.

My personal style is a compromise between the wedding reportage, where you are the main actors of your wedding, and the classic Italian Style, with a few photos in natural pose, not enforced nor sought on purpose to impress. It’s you with your emotions that make my photographs unique. I deal with other types of photography, I love taking pictures of childrens and other festive occasions. But I specialized myself in wedding photos making a major investment in equipments (even if I’m not that type of guy who thinks that good camers = good photos) and, above all, I invested in myself, with courses, workshops and continous desire to learn.

Many photographers do not offer any guarantees! They won’t make you sign a contract for the photo wedding service. They won’t give you a clear price list, simple and most important of all, without any kind of surprise. As a photographer belonging to the National Association of Wedding Photographers, I am obliged to do so. I would do it even if I was not. Ethic is a main aspect and I want that the wedding photographers category to be renowned for its professionalism and competence.

I’ll be there just for you. That day we will work only for you. We never take two photo shoot for the same day, we do so to give you the best from the start to the very end of the wedding. I would like to see and document the next bride awakening, in a discrete and sincere way, from the preparation until the conclusion of the party after the reception.