This is the typical scene
A couple takes an appointment to talk about their marriage.
They arrive in office on time, I set them, a wonderful couple.
Pleasantries ritual, there is immediately a good feeling. We make small talk, what do you do, how are the preparations going, and little by little talking I understand that it is a really beautiful wedding to which I would like to participate as gatecrasher..ehm as a photographer.
Everything perfect, everything fantastic, then comes the blow.
Like a rear-ending in turnpike comes the blow which makes the magic go away.
What’s happened? Easy: at time of speaking about how I like to photograph, particularly when I touched upon the photos of the preparations at their home, immediately they weighed in : oh no..we don’t want the photos at home, we will see directly to the church.
So for me the magic is over. Dear brides and grooms, I will tell you right at this moment.
Not even book the first appointment if these are your ideas.
Good..more lost clients.
Why not getting photos of the getting ready of the couple, all the marriage preparation, is like starting a story from the half.
Like Titanic began when they clash on the iceberg…


preparazione della sposa
Do I get the idea?
We have been in 2016 for a while. The wedding photography is not only a collection of beautiful photos, but it’s the tale of a true love story.
That is made at least of three important step:
Setting and characters, with the presentation of the background in which the story takes place.
The summit of the story, the main occurrence around which all the story turn and develope.
The epilogue, the ending part which gives sense to the story.
So, let’s imagine a wedding, in particular a wedding story in which..the two characters meet directly at the altar?
What emotions did they feel before the reception?
What difficulties or pleasures did they experience? What did they leave behind to undertake a new path?
We will never know. I don’t like this. I tell complete stories. I prefer not to be just a technical the day of your wedding.
At a previous time these phases were invisible for the most , and only intimate people lived these very important stages.
What has changed from then?
First of all it changes the idea of how must be a good wedding photography service, which becomes the tale of a story and not a list of the memories of the most important stages of the wedding.
Today a wedding album contains the emotions of that day, it represents them with the photos of all the moments of the wedding day.
It’s the real story of your wedding.
There is also a technique motivation that makes this easier to achieve.
A professional wedding photographer uses gears that allow him to work in all light conditions, and what once means intrusiveness, bulky lights and gears, now is became, if the photograph you chose is capable, a discreet and tiny photograph set invisible and no hassle for the couple.
During the preparation the bride is full of emotions, delight and tension, these are set to be remembered with natural and not contrived picture. Because of that some simple devices can make this photos even more beautiful!
The presence of the bridesmaids or of the bride’s friends, who tend to her in this moment, is setting more and more. Their participation, their smiles, and their energy will make the environment more peaceful, genuine and natural, photos in these situations are the best!
Often service providers, like hairdresser and beautician, forget to dress decently the wedding day and they ruin photos with debatable clothing and decorations. Talk to them before the wedding day, with sensitivity make them understand that they will be photographed and so that they have to avoid a too much casual wear.
Do not let choose them the room, I repeat: do NOT make the hairdresser choose the room where they will prepare you.
Talk about it with the photographer.


getting ready

He will give you a good advice to have both a good light and suitable spaces to allow everyone to move easily.
Let’s choose with your friends a gown and slippers appropriate for the situation, this will give a touch of class to the photos while you are getting ready for the wedding.
I know that some advice that I give you could seem obvious, but these are situations that we live often during the wedding day.
If you have some doubt, just ask me!
Andrea Tarlati fotografo #onlygoodthings
If you arrived so far you probably need a wedding photographer in Tuscany.
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