Who I Am

fotografo di matrimonio pistoia e lucca

I am Andrea, you already know that, and I love gatecrashing weddings (you didn’t know that)
But this thing didn’t work always and then I became a wedding photographer.
In that way it’s easier and yes, do not risk beatings.
Why I like doing the party-crasher?
Because I love the celebration, joy, love that is perceived during the weddings.
It’s an energy day, and this energy turned into memories with my photographs.
Photos that are not those of an eclectic filmmaker but an appearance: discreet, often invisible but always present.
Would you like me like photographer? Because the choise is between a fellow traveler who will accompany you in your marriage and a taxi driver bored doing same old way.
Here I am…I’m Andrea.

As you may have guessed I love to joke.. 

Ok I like to joke, but I love my job. I love to see your faces when I deliver the photo shoot.

I got married too!

And here begins the sad story, but don’t misunderstand me, my marriage is fine! The sad story is that I have very bad pictures of my marriage.
And the funny thing is that at my wedding the photos were made by my father, wedding photographer too.
Not that my father was a bad photographer, indeed He was very good of its kind. One of the most respected photographer of the city.
This is precisely the source of the problem. I didn’t choose my wedding photographer and his photographer kind was neither mine nor that of Barbara, my wife.
When life’s wheel gave me the opportunity to photograph other spouses, I immediately had a doubt: will I be the right person for the bride and groom who choose me as a fellow traveler?
I make you a question: have you ever witness some scenes of a inadequate provider during a wedding? The intrusive photographer? The hire musician who mistook the names of the spouses? Or the waiters a bit demodè and clumsy?
Well, I would never be one of these figures during your wedding.

I want you to make you look good

It’s enough for you to look good on the wedding day? It’s certainly important that it is so.
It’s true that we want to leave a good impression to our customers. Everything must be perfect, the service must be flawless and the location as well.
But let’s face it: if a waiter puts a finger in the pot, your guests might not even notice and after a few days, if not immediately, they will forget it.
But the photos and video will be the same forever. They will be the only reminders of your wedding day. And if they are bad pictures, will not be able to go back and recreate them.
I don’t want to scare. I don’t want to put doubts in your choices. Today we are many good photograpgers.
Do you know why often the couple are not happy with their photo shoot?
Almost always because the photographer who had chosen was not the right one. Not less skilled or incompetent. Simply the wrong photographer for the couple that has chosen him.
This is a crucial point for me. I even wrote a guide designed to help couples chose the write photographer for them ( you can download it here qui ) .
Why do I really want to make you chose the appropriate photographer, with the risk of not being me yours?
Two reasons:
the first is that I work in a good way with the couples who are fine with me. I’m happy when I fell there is connection between as.
And you will see that in your photos.
The second reason is that..I don’t want others do my mistake!

It’s a job for me

But you’re not just customers

Now I’ve said enough about me. I already know that you have a question in your head.
You’re wondering if from these pages and from a brief conversation you could understand if I am your photographer.
It’s not easy. It’s not easy at all.
And then I would bet with you, and give you the solution for your doubt.
Take the advantage of the spouses promo 2017 (all the details here ) booking a photo shoot engagement with which we’ll “study” each other.
And we will find out if we can do this trip together.